Matt Moore, Southern Eats & Drinks Expert

Matt MooreAs music, smoke from the grill, and taunts to the competing team all fill the air on a tailgate weekend, the anticipation of the actual game is definitely in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

And while we might not all be scholarship worthy athletes, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun too. Good food, Dixie Vodka drinks, and a great soundtrack are the essential keys to any tailgate – but I’d also slide in a game or two for good measure. Why not take part in the competitive spirit, too?

A football is always crossing the sky on tailgate scene – it gives some a chance to play catch, and others an opportunity to reminisce on days of yore – usually throwing your arm out convincing you’re still as good as you once were. But the problem with playing catch is it’s a two hand affair – I can’t hold my Dixie Vodka cocktail and catch at the same time (I’m not that good!).

The Games within The Game

Which is probably why Cornhole is arguably one of the most visible tailgate games. Not only can you sport a cocktail in one hand while playing, but it’s easy to grasp quickly, though it can be a challenge to sink the bag into the hole. Oh, and then there’s the fact that your board can outwardly boast your favorite team colors and logos – a win-win.

The Games within The Game

The loudest crowd on the campus is usually playing some sort of table pong game – red plastic cups abound. While an array of spirits might serve as the base for consumption, I can tell you a one-upper is to include a Dixie Oyster Shooter as one of the shots. The peppery Dixie Black Pepper Vodka and the briny, fresh oyster is a solid combo.

After you’ve responsibly had a shot or two – I like to move to skill games like washers, Ladderball or ring toss – knowing that I’m likely already at a self-imposed disadvantage. Believe it or not, an oversized Jenga set is also something that gets folks to stop by and watch you try your hand at not toppling the whole mess over. Remember, the loser cleans up.

But everybody’s a winner at a tailgate. We’ll let the real game decide who’s on the up and up based on the score board.

So what are some of your favorite ways to pass the time before the big game?

Dixie Oyster Shooter

  • 1 oz. Dixie Black Pepper Vodka
  • 1 tsp. cocktail sauce
  • Fresh oyster
  • Lemon wedge for garnish

Place oyster in shot glass. Top with cocktail sauce and vodka, garnish with lemon.